How to Create a Working Commercial Ad

Explain the benefitsThe biggest mistake that many commercial ads make is trying to explain how something works before listing the benefits to the consumer. Instead, you should focus on discussing the benefits of what you have to offer in one sentence or less before you can discuss how your product or service works. If your potential clients don’t have a reason to listen then a product or service typically won’t sell. So start off early by giving your potential clients a reason to pay attention to your commercial ad.Grab clients attentionAlong with explaining the benefits early you want to make sure that you make a great first impression. A good radio or television ad needs to start out good in order for individuals to want to continue with the ad. If not then an individual can tune out the commercial and not pay attention to what you are saying. However, grabbing the attention of potential clients can be difficult. Make sure you come up with a lead that has great impact and is expressed early in the commercial ad before you potential clients can lose interest.Present a clear offerAs with all commercial ads you will need an offer or direct response that spurs your potential clients into action. Make sure the offer you are presenting is simple and easy to grasp quickly. The offer must also be relevant to the client. It needs to reduce the risk involved and get them to pick up the phone or at the very least gets them to overcome logic and pick up the phone. However, it is also crucial that your offer is built into your business model. You need to make sure you can afford and stand behind the offer you are presenting.Authentic connectionsWhen it comes to selling products or services many companies make the mistake of looking to other companies for clues on how to succeed. As a result your ad may come across as simply trying to be included with the rest of the offers out there. Rather you need to have an authentic connection to your product or service. This means you need to have uniqueness, passion and identity in your commercial ad. When you have authenticity in your commercial ad it will come across as influential, believable and credible to your potential clients.Enhancing the message through soundWhile this tip can help with both television and radio commercial ads it is more important for the radio ad. When it comes to the radio you should be more considerate of your use of sound since you can’t simply show someone what you want to advertise like you can with a television commercial ad. While this is a difficult part of radio advertising it also offers some unique benefits you can’t get with other forms of commercial ads. Use a unique production tactic to help your radio ad stand out from the rest. Be sure to consider the element of sound while writing the radio ad otherwise it will become irrelevant and can even detract from the message of your ad. When done right, sound can provide a great impact to your commercial ad.Keep it simpleRemember that when it comes to creating radio or television commercial ads you only have sixty seconds. When you have too much information in this short span of time you will overwhelm the potential customer and cause them to block out the message you are trying to get across. Rather try to take a focused approach to your commercial and only discuss the main points. Get to the point early, keep the message short and get your potential customers to react. Otherwise you could lose your potential customer in the endless information you cram into a short sixty second ad.Make it clearWith commercial ads you have a nearly endless amount of ways to get your message across to listeners and viewers. However, making sure you deliver your message as clearly as possible is the only way to get results from your commercial ad. Articulation is important in boosting the results of your ad success. So don’t use non-specific language. Instead just come right out and state what you need to say in clear and precise language.Use emotion and logicBased on the product or service you are advertising you will need to choose either an emotional or logical appeal. In some cases you may also need to include both appeals in your commercial ad and switch between them where appropriate. It is important to realize that individuals often don’t purchase something based solely on logic or emotion. Rather individuals often become interested in what you have to offer because of emotion, but then buy the product or service because of a logical reason that can support their emotional decision. So keep this dynamic in mind when it comes to choosing the flow or focus of your commercial ad.Be uniqueThe more your commercial ad comes across as similar to other ads the less potential you will have for a successful marketing campaign. So if you have a product or service that is already found by the hundreds on the market you will need to find a new way to advertise. While this process can be difficult it is important to have a unique approach to marketing your product or service. Even if your product offers different benefits from similar products on the market this isn’t unique enough. You still need to come up with a creative approach to advertising your unique offer and provide an edge to your advertising campaign that no other competitor in your field has.Production and voiceover talentMany businesses are under the impression that the product and voiceover talent is the most important aspect of a successful commercial ad. While these factors are important they shouldn’t be the main focus of your commercial ad. When too much attention is placed on production and voiceover talent then there isn’t enough focus on the copywriting. Or if production and voiceover talent is overdone this can bury your message and won’t allow the uniqueness of your campaign to stand out to potential clients. You shouldn’t completely get rid of production and voiceover talent, but you need to be careful not to overdo it. Production is necessary to increasing the believability, attention grabbing and clarity of the message. And a voiceover talent is key in getting the message to the audience with minimal effort, but you need to focus on what is being said through non-verbal communication.Hiring a professionalIf you ever find yourself in over your head when it comes to creating a commercial ad then don’t hesitate to hire a production company. It is always better to have a strong message displayed that brings results than to save money by doing the project in house. When you hire a production company you will be getting professionalism and a strong commercial ad you won’t get by doing it yourself.FrequencyYou can’t expect to just air your commercial ad once and get lots of results. Rather you need to focus on the frequency of your advertising. Determine what times are best to run your ads and be sure you schedule enough airtime to get your commercial ad to the maximum number of audience in order to see successful results with your ad. Ideally you want your commercial ad to be seen by potential target customers at least twice in order to see any form of results. So keep this in mind when blocking out how much air time you need for your commercial ad.Remember that a working commercial ad is key to the success of any marketing campaign. Without a strong commercial ad you won’t be able to reach as many potential clients or customers. So take the time to carefully plan and write your television or radio ad. The more time and thought you put into your commercial ad the better results you will gain. Have a strong script with a well planned message that matches with your current business plan. This will ensure success with your commercial ad.

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