MLM Branding – How to Brand Yourself Online in 17 Simple Steps

Ever thought about MLM Branding, or How to Brand yourself to succeed in promoting your MLM business online? Is branding yourself even important at all when you’re involved with an MLM company which already exists as a brand? Yes it is and I’ll explain why…MLM Branding – How to Brand Yourself OnlineFirst, a definition of Branding (source:”Entire process involved in creating a unique name and image for a product (good or service) in the consumers’ mind, through advertising campaigns with a consistent theme. Branding aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers”Take a moment to consider this definition carefully – it contains the essence of why and how to brand yourself. But what makes branding so critical when it comes to MLM?The Importance of MLM BrandingIn MLM, you must know how to brand yourself. How to brand yourself as a leader, as someone who can offer something unique to your prospects and customers. Why should anyone join up with you, rather than another sponsor, team or company? You have to have a smoking hot answer to that question if you want to set yourself apart from the countless other sponsors, teams and companies out there.Sometimes MLM companies go under, or even scrap their pay plans. Brand yourself as a leader, trainer, networker and team builder to weather this particular storm should it ever come your way. Your brand (often referred to as ‘You Inc’) gives you an autonomous structure independent of any company you may work with, which can be plugged into a new company at a moments notice, and allows for additional affiliate or other marketing outside your primary business.Your brand should inspire confidence, trust and positivity, and be combined with effective marketing to bring people to know, like and trust you. This foundation is what leads people to opt-in to your list, click on your emails, follow up your offers and ultimately, join your team or do business with you.That’s Why to Brand Yourself. Here’s How to Brand Yourself.1. Pick a NameGenerally the best name to use to brand yourself in MLM is your own name. If you don’t want to do this, brainstorm to develop your brand name. Mike Dillard’s ‘Magnetic Sponsoring’ is an example of this, which although associated with Mike, is a very strong MLM training brand which now operates independently of him.2. Pick a NicheYou need to know clearly what your brand values and purpose are in order to brand yourself effectively. What are you selling? What are you promoting? Who do you want to reach? What are their needs, wants and desire? What will they respond too? Answering these kinds of questions will help you identify your niche. A broad niche such as ‘MLM’ will be more difficult to target than a more focused one such as ‘MLM Lead Generation’ or ‘Social Media Marketing’3. Buy a DomainHaving a domain name that incorporates either your own name or the name of your brand is very powerful. If you’re not using your own name as your brand name, it’s worth considering the keyword content of your brand and domain name. Having a domain name which features keywords you’re trying to rank for will help you rank effectively. Check out for domain name availability.4. Show Your Face…Research shows that a face – especially a smiling face helps to develop trust in a brand. Since in online MLM you are looking to brand yourself as a leader, it makes sense to use your own face as the face of your brand. Use the same image or set of images for each profile, banner or header – this consistency makes instant brand recognition even easier and gives a sense of consistency5. Be unique – what’s so special about you?Have you got some experience that makes what you have to offer stand out from all the rest? Are you creative, do you have strong leadership skills? Do you have a good insight into people and the way they work, or boat loads of pure passion and drive to succeed and help others? Have you got extensive experience in Personal Development, or specialized Technical Knowledge? Perhaps you bring freshness – direct understanding of what it’s like to be a beginner and the courage and effort it takes to navigate those first steps on the path?6. Tell your StoryIn your Bio or About pages, make sure there’s a story which people can relate to or be inspired by (or both). Use your story to brand yourself by displaying your value, experience, humanity, individuality and to stimulate emotional connection with those who read it.7. Be everywhere….Make sure your brand is featured across a wide selection of Social Sites and Forums, especially those which are relevant to your industry. Always use your brand name as your profile name. Facebook and Twitter are essential, some other good ones are Better Networker (MLM and Online Marketing) and Blokube (SEO Marketing and Blogging), LinkedIn (Business Networking), Digg (Content Sharing) but there’s many. Don’t be limited, and do participate intelligently in the forums and sites you choose to join.8. Pick a Color…Pick a color scheme for your own websites, and all other material you put out. Two or Three colors works best. Keep it consistent wherever your brand appears.9. Develop a style…The style of images, website design, logos and so on should be consistent too. Are your corners sharp or curved? Is the font you use bold and simple or gentle and flowing? Is your page layout minimal full? What is the flavor of your brand?10. Get a logo…The best logo designs are instantly recognizable to almost everyone in the world. The Nike Swoosh. The Apple Apple. The Golden Arches of McDonald’s. A simple, bold symbol or image is best. (Tip: The plugin ‘Favicons’ for WordPress blogs is a handy tool which allows you to put your logo on the tab at the top of the browser page)11. Sign Your name…As a part of ‘personalizing’ your brand, add your signature to emails, posts, articles, or other places where you name appears. If you’re using a WordPress blog, the plugin ‘MyLiveSignature’ will give you a basic one for free, or one in your handwriting for a few dollars.12. Signing Off!After articles, posts and emails you’ll want to sign off with a consistent message. Over time, people will associate your brand with that message, so make it positive, simple and powerful. As you can see at the end of all my posts, my sign off is “To Your Abundance, Freedom and Success…”13. Be Relevant…Keep your content relevant and consistent. If your brand is built around MLM Branding, don’t put out an article about Fish.14. Go Multi-Media…The more different ways you present your brand, the more people will absorb your brand identity. Written articles, Videos, and Audio recordings are the most obvious mediums to use online.15. Play Your Own Tune…When you’re putting together audio or video for your brand content, find a suitable piece of music as a ‘signature’ and use it across all your material. Bear in mind the energy level of the music – do you want people to feel excited and energized or peaceful and calm when they hear it? Another point to consider is accessibility – Your favorite tune may not send out the right message – think about what your target market will enjoy, not what you enjoy16. Dominate Google for your brand name!Make sure that when people type your brand name into Google, they get results which are controlled by you. Especially as your brand develops, others will try to piggy back off your success, and even write negative reviews. Preferably your own websites will come up first, followed by your article and video content and Social Media profiles. You don’t just want the top spot, you want at least the whole first page…17. Frequency and RepetitionRinse and Repeat. Put your brand in more places. Get your message seem by as many people as possible. Make sure they will see it again and again. Share your content. Participate in forums. Network actively on Social Sites. People generally need to see your brand several times before they start to notice it, though the process is quicker if they see it in a number of different places.Now Just Do It! (As a famous brand once said). Look at ways to capitalize on the unique elements you have to offer. Bring your special skills, talents and perspective in line with the needs, wants and desires of your clearly defined target market. Be creative. Think outside the box. Brand Yourself.Jym Tarrant – Author

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How to Create a Working Commercial Ad

Explain the benefitsThe biggest mistake that many commercial ads make is trying to explain how something works before listing the benefits to the consumer. Instead, you should focus on discussing the benefits of what you have to offer in one sentence or less before you can discuss how your product or service works. If your potential clients don’t have a reason to listen then a product or service typically won’t sell. So start off early by giving your potential clients a reason to pay attention to your commercial ad.Grab clients attentionAlong with explaining the benefits early you want to make sure that you make a great first impression. A good radio or television ad needs to start out good in order for individuals to want to continue with the ad. If not then an individual can tune out the commercial and not pay attention to what you are saying. However, grabbing the attention of potential clients can be difficult. Make sure you come up with a lead that has great impact and is expressed early in the commercial ad before you potential clients can lose interest.Present a clear offerAs with all commercial ads you will need an offer or direct response that spurs your potential clients into action. Make sure the offer you are presenting is simple and easy to grasp quickly. The offer must also be relevant to the client. It needs to reduce the risk involved and get them to pick up the phone or at the very least gets them to overcome logic and pick up the phone. However, it is also crucial that your offer is built into your business model. You need to make sure you can afford and stand behind the offer you are presenting.Authentic connectionsWhen it comes to selling products or services many companies make the mistake of looking to other companies for clues on how to succeed. As a result your ad may come across as simply trying to be included with the rest of the offers out there. Rather you need to have an authentic connection to your product or service. This means you need to have uniqueness, passion and identity in your commercial ad. When you have authenticity in your commercial ad it will come across as influential, believable and credible to your potential clients.Enhancing the message through soundWhile this tip can help with both television and radio commercial ads it is more important for the radio ad. When it comes to the radio you should be more considerate of your use of sound since you can’t simply show someone what you want to advertise like you can with a television commercial ad. While this is a difficult part of radio advertising it also offers some unique benefits you can’t get with other forms of commercial ads. Use a unique production tactic to help your radio ad stand out from the rest. Be sure to consider the element of sound while writing the radio ad otherwise it will become irrelevant and can even detract from the message of your ad. When done right, sound can provide a great impact to your commercial ad.Keep it simpleRemember that when it comes to creating radio or television commercial ads you only have sixty seconds. When you have too much information in this short span of time you will overwhelm the potential customer and cause them to block out the message you are trying to get across. Rather try to take a focused approach to your commercial and only discuss the main points. Get to the point early, keep the message short and get your potential customers to react. Otherwise you could lose your potential customer in the endless information you cram into a short sixty second ad.Make it clearWith commercial ads you have a nearly endless amount of ways to get your message across to listeners and viewers. However, making sure you deliver your message as clearly as possible is the only way to get results from your commercial ad. Articulation is important in boosting the results of your ad success. So don’t use non-specific language. Instead just come right out and state what you need to say in clear and precise language.Use emotion and logicBased on the product or service you are advertising you will need to choose either an emotional or logical appeal. In some cases you may also need to include both appeals in your commercial ad and switch between them where appropriate. It is important to realize that individuals often don’t purchase something based solely on logic or emotion. Rather individuals often become interested in what you have to offer because of emotion, but then buy the product or service because of a logical reason that can support their emotional decision. So keep this dynamic in mind when it comes to choosing the flow or focus of your commercial ad.Be uniqueThe more your commercial ad comes across as similar to other ads the less potential you will have for a successful marketing campaign. So if you have a product or service that is already found by the hundreds on the market you will need to find a new way to advertise. While this process can be difficult it is important to have a unique approach to marketing your product or service. Even if your product offers different benefits from similar products on the market this isn’t unique enough. You still need to come up with a creative approach to advertising your unique offer and provide an edge to your advertising campaign that no other competitor in your field has.Production and voiceover talentMany businesses are under the impression that the product and voiceover talent is the most important aspect of a successful commercial ad. While these factors are important they shouldn’t be the main focus of your commercial ad. When too much attention is placed on production and voiceover talent then there isn’t enough focus on the copywriting. Or if production and voiceover talent is overdone this can bury your message and won’t allow the uniqueness of your campaign to stand out to potential clients. You shouldn’t completely get rid of production and voiceover talent, but you need to be careful not to overdo it. Production is necessary to increasing the believability, attention grabbing and clarity of the message. And a voiceover talent is key in getting the message to the audience with minimal effort, but you need to focus on what is being said through non-verbal communication.Hiring a professionalIf you ever find yourself in over your head when it comes to creating a commercial ad then don’t hesitate to hire a production company. It is always better to have a strong message displayed that brings results than to save money by doing the project in house. When you hire a production company you will be getting professionalism and a strong commercial ad you won’t get by doing it yourself.FrequencyYou can’t expect to just air your commercial ad once and get lots of results. Rather you need to focus on the frequency of your advertising. Determine what times are best to run your ads and be sure you schedule enough airtime to get your commercial ad to the maximum number of audience in order to see successful results with your ad. Ideally you want your commercial ad to be seen by potential target customers at least twice in order to see any form of results. So keep this in mind when blocking out how much air time you need for your commercial ad.Remember that a working commercial ad is key to the success of any marketing campaign. Without a strong commercial ad you won’t be able to reach as many potential clients or customers. So take the time to carefully plan and write your television or radio ad. The more time and thought you put into your commercial ad the better results you will gain. Have a strong script with a well planned message that matches with your current business plan. This will ensure success with your commercial ad.

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Now Is the Perfect Time to Start Up a Sales Home Based Business

What exactly is a Sales Home Based Business?Okay, so it’s really nice to enjoy a money generating business opportunity but what specifically is a sales home based business?Basically, a home based sales business is really a business strategy that converts your home into the workplace. This implies that you can easily decide on a business and product or service that you simply appreciate; talk about it together with the people you know and earn either a few instantaneous sales or in most cases now, long-term residual cash (depends upon the business).Precisely how this approach operates is you’d hold the choice to purchase product at wholesale prices and offer the items at retail price which you’d then make the profits. Nevertheless, a lot of home based organizations are generally currently attracting more substantial household earnings simply by sponsoring other individuals and leveraging the capability of the business structure.Why Should I consider a Sales Home Based Business? A work at home revenue business gives you the capability to be your very own boss and have many tax advantages. You make the guidelines. You decide whenever your business opens or closes. You’ve the say in regards to what goods to sell and exactly who to sell them to. It is the ultimate opportunity to finally be in charge.Any sales home based business additionally will save you cash on baby sitters or nannies. But if your kids are actually still way too small to go to classes, then what person greater to manage them than you? With a sales home based business, you can earn funds while still being able to take proper care of your children.This home business strategy additionally saves you fuel money. Because you do the job and operate at your home, you won’t have to commute to work. It also significantly reduces your carbon dioxide wastes, which in turn signifies you are actually enhancing the natural environment.A sales home based business also provides you with the potential to share a product you enjoy with the world. If you are really passionate regarding your product, then a lot more individuals will actually buy from your business. It is simply because these people understand you are actually sincere with everything you’re selling and your experience with the product or service will show extreme value to your buyers.Just what Sales Home Based Business should I take into account?As stated before, one of the best types of a sales home based business is known as a multilevel promoting company. No, you do not need to fully develop one; it is possible to become part of one that already has a great reputation. Network Marketing businesses provide you with the opportunity to become your own representative and provides you with earnings determined by the merchandise circulated in your leveraged team. Not all Network Marketing Businesses are created equal so conduct your own personal homework previous to venturing too far. Due to many changes happening in the economic world, Network Marketing Home Businesses are becoming extremely popular and are providing many homes with above average incomes.Setting up a sales home based business is definitely an option that an increasing number of families are embracing due to the incentives and gains. Because of far more individuals trying to find a home based opportunity it has allowed quite a few individuals to develop amazing organization groups and earnings. However due to the following trend, many novice individuals are around growing to be Business owners without any Marketing Know-how. This can be really destructive with regard to one’s business. So please engage in as much marketing training as possible to have the most success.To conclude, the sales home based business is an astounding worthwhile choice for several individuals; young, old, men, female it does not make a difference. What a fantastic opportunity for every person to engage in. However, remember that it’s absolutely crucial to understand how to efficiently market your organization for the 21st Century. Without this information you’ll find it quite hard to be prosperous.

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